Ms. Sabourin believes that being a great lawyer means listening to her clients, understanding their goals and helping them navigate through the complicated legal world. She approaches the practice of law in a fresh, innovative way, embracing technology. She offers a great deal of compassion and humility for the situation her clients find themselves in when they are most in need of an advocate.

Sharon G. Sabourin Law firm’s areas of practice are as follows:

Ms. Sabourin specializes in complex litigation and appellate cases.

Ms. Sabourin understands that lawyers are only as valuable as their reputation and that is something that can only be established through time and good work. She has a reputation within the Timmins community as a person who takes pride in her work, shows up prepared and always gives sound legal advice.

Ms, Sabourin’s mantra is “I will either find a way or make one.” She enjoys working with difficult cases and finding out-of-the-box solutions to suit all of her clients’ needs.